It’s important that all online and offline EIT Food communication materials follow our brand guidelines, for the following reasons: 

  • To make sure everything is consistent - colours, tone of voice, logo and purpose 
  • To help external audiences understand, recognise and trust the EIT Food brand
  • To maintain professionalism across all communications
  • To comply with EIT brand requirements and to avoid reduction in funding because the EIT brand requirements were not met


Key points to follow 

  • Two logos must show on all work:  
    1. EU emblem
    2. EIT Food logo 
  • The font is Titillium for printed documents. You can download it here for free
  • The font for Word documents and emails is Calibri
  • The main brand colour to use is Green Pantone 368 
  • The spelling standard is British English
  • If you want to create something new, please send it to for approval by our brand team

    Go to the EIT Food Brand Guidelines
     for more detail. 

This article was last reviewed in December 2023 and will be reviewed again in December 2024.

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