What is digital advertising and when should I use it?

Digital ads sit alongside other organic (unpaid) search results or social media content and appear in a similar format, usually with text stating "ad" or "sponsored" indicating that the content is paid for. Before deciding to use digital advertising, you should think if other organic options could work for you, such as optimising website content and promoting something organically on EIT Food channels.

If you are looking for more direct results, want to reach new audiences, or have a very clear call-to-action, then digital advertising may be for you.

Digital advertising is more targeted and instant, as you choose precisely what messages are published, who they are shown to, and when they see it. Also, if there is little existing awareness of your programme, event or activity, then paid ads are a great way to announce your arrival and target those seeking solutions for problems your activity solves. Lastly, you can remain front of mind to interested audiences after they have left your website, event or social channels via these campaigns that allow you to target specific visitors with specific ads.

Even if you have a big budget, digital advertising still requires experience and a strong strategy. For more information and tips, go to: How do I create a digital advertising strategy?

How do I get started with digital advertising?

The core communications team manages this process and there are some simple steps you, or your agency, need to take with approximate timings to help with the planning.




Become an EIT Food advertiser: at least 6 weeks in advance 

This form should be filled in by those who will be creating the copy and assets for your paid campaign, as it includes guidance and access to useful branding information on EIT Food.   

Request access to the channelsat least 2 weeks in advance 

Complete Form 2 - Access 

This form will help the Core Communications Team set up the right channel access for you or your agency. 


Note: access to the different channels will be granted once you have shared your media plans, assets and copy via Form 3 - Media Plan submission. 

Share your plans with the Core Comms Team and get access: 2 weeks before launch date 

This allows the Core Communications Team to keep track of advertising across EIT Food and flag if there are any competing campaigns that could increase the cost of paid media activity.  


It is also the moment in which the Core Communications Team can flag any branding or content issues. 

After these steps, you will have access to the ad accounts. We do not advise that the agency uses their own ad accounts, as you will lose all the insights gathered from your advertising and the ads themselves. That will affect reporting if you decide to relaunch them at a later date, once you stop working with this agency.

How experienced do I need to be to advertise and run campaigns?

Digital advertising is a highly skilled job and should only be undertaken by qualified individuals or agencies. If you do not have the relevant experience yourself, we advise that you appoint a professional consultant or agency. At present, the following agencies have successfully working with us:

You can provide the agency with the onboarding form, this article and the related articles outlined below to help your agency get started:

How do I track my digital advertising?

You can monitor the campaign performance via the EIT Food data dashboard. Please first consult these two resources to make sure the data is visible in the dashboard:

Please note: any campaigns that are run on the core EIT Food social media channels do not count towards project KPIs as this would be double counting.

How do I set up billing for my digital advertising?

You can use an EIT Food credit card or ask the agency to pay for the spend and re-invoice you. If you use a credit card managed by your agency, you need to check they are happy to add their credit card to the EIT Food business accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Google, etc.

Please note: if you change your agency or payment method, you will need to resubmit forms 1, 2 and 3. If you are simply launching a new campaign but have already been through Form 1 and already have access, you can go straight to Form 3.

Regular reviews

The core communications team reviews the advertising channels quarterly to ensure that everyone who is set up to advertise still needs the access. If you've stopped advertising or have told us you do not need access, you will be removed. We may also temporarily pause campaigns if we see advertising that doesn't follow the EIT Food brand guidelines outlined in the Onboarding Form.

For any further questions linked to digital advertising, please contact us via our contact form.

This article was last reviewed in January 2024 and will be reviewed again in January 2025. 

If you have feedback on this article, do let us know. You can drop us a note via our contact form.