The core communications team uses a themed-content calendar to plan content in advance. 

This is to create a stronger, unified, well-understood brand with common topics and coherent messaging - ultimately increasing engagement and helping to hit the goal of engaging 100 million people by 2025.

The topics all fit within the three EIT Food content pillars: 

  • Trust

  • Health

  • Sustainability

Content in 2022 is being structured in quarterly packages - the themes of the quarters are based on insights and trends analysis and can be found in the calendar. If you have any questions about the EIT Food content calendar, please reach out to your editorial team member

How are the themes decided?

The editorial team decides the themes in advance through insight and data analysis plus trend-scanning and research. The ideas are discussed at the monthly editorial team meeting. If you have an idea or would like to contribute, you can contact your editorial representative who is part of the editorial team. 

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Go to: Themed-content calendar for 2022 for a 12-month view of the campaigns, content and activities across EIT Food and key global events from the agrifood sector.

Go to: Monthly content publication calendar provides a detailed and operational 6-8 week view of when content is scheduled to go live and includes publication details for social media, blogs, newsletters and podcasts.

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