The editorial team consists of comms colleagues from each functional area and regional office across EIT Food. The team meets once every month to share and discuss what's happening across EIT Food by hearing updates from colleagues, understand what other teams are doing, share struggles to gain collective team knowledge and input, and talk about opportunities for cross-team collaboration.


The monthly editorial team meeting is a useful forum for discussing upcoming digital content and campaigns on the core EIT Food channels and ensuring upcoming content ideas align to the EIT Food content calendar.

Current editorial team members

Matt EastlandCore Comms team - Brand and Digital
Joanne Mazoyer
Core Comms team - Digital Campaigns and Comms
Linn Vande Populiere
Core Comms team - Internal Comms and FoodHIVE
Claudia Ciovica
Core Comms team - Brand and Content
James Dacey
Core Comms team - Content and Media
Alessia CalderaloCore Comms team - Social Media & Asset library
Patricia Willems-Mawenu
Core Comms team - Events
Maria VlachouCore Comms team - Events
Miriam Sastre
Core Comms team - Director Communications and Events
Ada AparicioEIT Food South Comms
Rebecca Bold
EIT Food West Comms
Ewa RzeszowskaEIT Food North East
Frank Horlbeck
EIT Food West (former Central) Comms
Carlotta Geiger
EIT Food Central
Silvia LazzarisFoodUnfolded
Ann Van De Voorde
Education Comms
Maria Joao Soares
Education Comms
Rebecca ThompsonMOOCs
Pamela PokornyMOOCs
Thaina BrumattiMOOCs
Flavio Antonelli
Public Affairs
Laura DirixPublic Affairs
Marie-Elisabeth RuslingPublic Affairs
Marta Erquicia González-Careaga
Public Engagement
Mercedes GrobaInnovation team
Rebecca PoulsenBusiness Creation - Seedbed Incubator Comms
Catherine Breyssens
Business Creation
Laura CurtisBusiness Creation - RisingFoodStars Comms
Anne-Marie Banescu
Marta Marin HidalgoFutureFoodMakers
Julie LebrunEIT Community
Stephanie RichaniEIT Community
Jeremy BoothEIT Community Education

This article was last reviewed in January 2024.

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