Please ask programme participants to fill in this Multimedia release form to grant EIT Food permission to use their image, in video or still, and audio in communication materials.

The EIT Food Asset Library stores all relevant EIT Food images, videos, templates and branded content in one place so these can be reused over the years.

There are 2 strands to the EIT Food Asset Library:

The EIT Food Asset LibrarySharepoint folderImages and short videos, event assets, infographics, quote cards, podcast visuals, project visuals.Accessible to everyone, from colleagues and partners to external agencies and stakeholders.
Video LibrarypCloudEIT Food videos, raw footage, heavy video files.Accessible to everyone, from colleagues and partners to external agencies and stakeholders.

The Asset Library and Video Library contain:

1. Finalised assets that are ready for use and respect the EIT Food Brand Guidelines

2. Unbranded assets, like stock images or raw videos, that need to be edited if used externally so that they comply with the Brand Guidelines. 

The upkeep of these libraries depends on all EIT Food colleagues - the more assets are saved here, the more useful the library becomes. However, it is preferable that you contact if you are unsure on how to upload or download a file, or if you have any questions regarding the Asset Library.

If you are looking for or would like to save content assets in the EIT Food Asset Library, please follow the steps described below.

Where to find and save EIT Food assets


The below table will provide guidance on the structure of the EIT Food Asset Library. If you feel a subfolder is missing, unable to upload or download assets, or are unsure where your assets fit, please reach out to

Please do not to save any working documents or anything that is off brand or with the old branding in this library. 


1. EIT Food Branding

EIT Food branding assets and templates (logos, intro and outro videos, document templates, icons, etc.). 

- Email signature
- Icons
- Intro & outro videos
- Key image
- Logos
- Presentation templates
- Press Releases templates
- Virtual meetings backdrops
- Word & Excel templates
2. ThemesBranded images and stock images on our Focus Areas and other related topics.- Corporate images (branded)
- General images (stock images)
3. Campaigns & ReportsPlanned series of content assets divided per year (e.g.: FutureFoodMakers, UNFSS, etc.). - 2021: FutureFoodMakers, Menu for Change, Our Food, Our Food System, UNFSS.
- 2022: Trust, Trends, Cultivating our climate, etc.

4. EIT Food Startups

Assets related to RisingFoodStars, Seedbed Incubator and EIT FAN. - RisingFoodStars
- Seedbed Incubator

5. FoodUnfolded

Assets related to FUN.- Logo
- Photos
- Videos

6. EIT Food Projects

Assets on our projects.- 2022 KAVAs

7. Events

Assets from EIT Food events such as the Venture Summit or FUN & FAN. - 2020
- 2021
- 2022


Assets related to EIT Food’s online courses.Multiple folders, managed mostly by the Education Team. Please reach out to Vivien for more info.

9. The Food Fight podcast

Assets related to EIT Food Fight podcast.- Photos
- Videos

10. International Days + Festivities

Assets related to important international events, days, weeks or celebrations.- Christmas 2021
- International Women's Day
- World Water Day

11. Images of people & food

Assets with a human side, activities involving people, graduations, nice looking dishes, etc.- "A day in life" series
- General images of people
- Graduation Master in Food Systems Programme - Oct. 2021
- Los Salvacomidas

12. EIT Food Staff

Pictures of Andy, colleagues on stage, colleagues' headshots, Supervisory Board.

Please make sure the file name includes the full name of the person.

- Andy Zynga
- EIT Food Staff
- Colleagues on Stage
- EIT Food project teams
- Supervisory Board

How to name & tag assets for better identification

1. Naming files: all files should be named including words that help identify the content of the asset. This could vary according to the asset, but in general every file name should include at least one of these:

  • The name of the event, programme, company or person featured in the content piece.
  • The focus or defining characteristic (e.g. Food Processing, Farmers, Regenerative Agriculture, etc.).
  • A number (in case you’re saving a series of images such as a carousel, a campaign, etc.).

2. Tagging files: all files should be correctly tagged, to make sure we find all images when using the search function of the Asset Library. Please let us know if you have any troubles with this system by emailing

To include a tag, click on the option "Edit in grid view". Once you're done, click on "Exit grid view". Note that sometimes the Sharepoint page freezes in this process - if you refresh the page, normally the tag will have been saved. Please contact if that's not the case.

These tags consist of:

  • Name (updated automatically when uploading the file or manually if you click on the three dots and select "Rename"): please see above.
  • Modified (updated automatically).
  • Modified by (updated automatically).
  • Year (updated manually): please type the year in which the asset was created or rebranded and then select "add".
  • Type of asset (updated manually): please select one type of asset from the menu. 
  • Focus Area / Theme (updated manually): please select one theme or focus area from the menu, or add a new one by typing it and selecting "add".
  • Functional Area (updated manually): please select one type of asset from the menu.  
  • Region (updated manually): please select one type of asset from the menu. 
  • More info (updated manually): please type any extra information if needed and then select "add".

For example:

This infographic was created to promote the blogpost "5 ways to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture"

Following the file naming + tagging system, this file should be:

- Name: Regenerative Agriculture

- Year: 2022

- Type of asset: infographic

- Focus Area / Theme: Regenerative Agriculture

Top tip for naming: If you want to upload a lot of assets in one go, it is best to bulk name them all before uploading them to the library. To do this:

  • Select all the assets in the folder on your device, right-click on the selected assets and click the “Rename“ button. 

  • Type in the name you want to give to all your assets and then click enter. 

  • This will change the names of all your selected files automatically and will include numbers at the end of each name.

Top tip for taggingIf you want to tag a full column with the same tag, you can insert the tag on the first row and then drag down - like on Excel. 


Quick tips for using the Asset Library 

How to use the Asset Library 


To keep the library clean and tidy moving forward, it is important that everyone uses it in the same way. Here are some quick tips:

Before saving any assets in the library, check the following:

How not to use the Asset Library 

  • The Asset Library is for finalised content assets only. Content that is a work in progress should not be saved here. 

  • Off-brand content assets should not be saved in the library.

  • Sensitive data should not be saved in the library. Remember it is open to all. 

  • Assets should not be moved or deleted from the library. 

For any questions or issues related to the Assert Library, please contact


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