What is a procurement?

A procurement is the process of purchasing goods or services and is usually in reference to business spending. Publishing a procurement for EIT Food could be a call for contributors or a search for contractors to design and produce a video. See some examples below:

How do I publish a procurement? 

If you wish to publish a procurement, please follow these five steps:

  1. Contact procurement at Hector.Romero@eitfood.eu to notify them that you wish to publish a procurement. 

  2. Fill in this form: https://eitfood.eu/submit-your-open-calls

  3. Let communication@eitfood.eu know that you have done this so that they can carry out a quality check before it goes live. 

  4. You will then be notified and provided with the link once this has gone live.  

  5. You are then responsible to collect all the evidence such as print screens needed for reporting purposes. 

Where does my procurement get published?

Your procurement will be published on the EIT Food website at eitfood.eu/procurement as well as relevant regional pages such as eitfood.eu/central 

How do I find more information about procurement regulations?

For more information surrounding procurement regulations, please contact Hector.Romero@eitfood.eu

This article was last reviewed in March 2023 and will be reviewed again in July 2024. 

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