Blog posts on the main EIT Food website consider some of the biggest challenges facing the food sector and the solutions being pioneered by our community. They cover complex issues from multiple perspectives, so their lengths tend to be 1000+ words.  

Once published, links to our blog posts are shared on EIT Food's core corporate social media channels to engage our audiences and encourage discussion.

How can I share content ideas?

Blog posts on the EIT Food website are managed by the core communications team and written by specialist copywriters who have in-depth subject knowledge and have been trained in writing for websites, including keyword research, optimising copy for search engines and readability. The blogs are planned in advance and tie in with specific themes and topics in the EIT Food content calendar.

If you have an idea for a blog post, we would love to hear from you. If your idea doesn't lead to a full article, it could still be included in upcoming articles (or other content) on related topics. Please remember that blog posts should be based on the EIT Food content calendar, focus on an in-depth topic and have storytelling at the core.

If you have an interesting story to tell, contact your editorial team member who will take it to the monthly editorial meeting for consideration and provide clarification on next steps.

Things to consider

The core communications team is always looking for authentic and original content to share with our wider community. This includes stories that showcase:

  • Inspirational people: the agrifood heroes that are creating real societal impact and changing the food system
  • Innovation and change: the transformation and innovation across EIT Food's missions
  • Expertise and authority: ground-breaking change driven by our community of experts
  • Societal impact: educational content that inspires our audiences to join the movement for change

Original images, infographics, animations and video perform really well, so please include these to help support the blog.

If you are a member of the core communications team or have been commissioned to write a blog post by a member of that team, read our article on writing a blog post for the EIT Food website.

See also the blog section on the EIT Food website.

This article was last reviewed in January 2024 and will be reviewed again in January 2025.

If you have feedback on this article, do let us know. You can drop us a note via our contact form.