EIT Food is - above all else - a network, and our excellence comes from our members and their fruitful collaboration. FoodHIVE is the platform that brings together all the members of the EIT Food community – from leading businesses, research centres and universities to food investors, mentors, students and promising startups - to act as a central location for this collaboration to take place. 


The platform provides easy access to news and updates on EIT Food community activities and events, as well as promoting discussion and dialogue between members of our community on all things agrifood. FoodHIVE is currently a private community with sub-communities for specific stakeholders groups, such as the Partnership group and RisingFoodStars group. 

Watch this YouTube tutorial video to find out more. 

Why should I use FoodHIVE?


FoodHIVE will help you to keep up-to-date on everything happening in the network, as well as giving you valuable access to the EIT Food community.

 In a nutshell, FoodHIVE provides:

  • Access to relevant news, updates and information about the EIT Food network and its activities.

  • A handy overview of EIT Food and external events and opportunities.

  • Networking, making it easy to connect with everyone within the EIT Food community.

  • A place for discussion and collaboration on agrifood related topics and projects.

What are the main features of FoodHIVE?


Within FoodHIVE, you will have your own profile where you can add relevant information about yourself, such as your educational background, work experience and skills. You also have the option to add a profile picture and a summary about yourself. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for other members to find and connect with you.

Live feed

Similar to other networking platforms, FoodHIVE has a Live feed, where you will be able to see news, events and opportunities as it is posted. To find out more about posting news on FoodHIVE, read this article: How do I submit a news article on FoodHIVE?


Members of the community can be found on the People tab, where you can search for individuals by name, keyword, location and many more filters. The results are shown on a handy map. There is also a Private messaging function, so you can message any member of the community privately.


The Groups tab gives you access to the different sub-communities of FoodHIVE. Groups or sub-communities are set up to share updates and facilitate discussion relevant to members of a specific group

At the moment, these are the most used groups:

  • EIT Food Partnership: used to share updates with partners, RisingFoodStars and EIT Food colleagues. 

  • RisingFoodStars: used to share updates with members of the RisingFoodStars network. 

  • EIT Food Staff: used to share (internal) updates with EIT Food colleagues.

To discover which Groups to follow, go here.


The events section on FoodHIVE features EIT Food’s own internal and external events, as well as events from (partnering) organisations that are relevant to the community.

Jobs & Career

The jobs and career section highlights the opportunities for FoodHIVE members, ranging from job vacancies, internships and PhD positions to calls for startups and projects. They can originate from EIT Food, partnering and even external organisations, as long as they are interesting and relevant to the community. 


The Partners tab shows all the official EIT Food partners, including core partners, network partners and RisingFoodStars. Browse their profiles to learn more about the consortium.

Future features

As a dynamic platform, FoodHIVE is always developing new features. Projects in the pipeline are the Reading Room and Mentoring. Do you have a brilliant idea for FoodHIVE? Don’t hesitate to let us know at foodhive@eitfood.eu

Who can join FoodHIVE?


To this date, FoodHIVE is a closed community and only available to the internal stakeholders of EIT Food. This includes EIT Food staff, our Core and Network Partner contacts, RisingFoodStars, programme participants, students and alumni.

  • All partner contacts were added prior to the official partner launch in April 2020.

  • New staff members are added when the FoodHIVE community manager is made aware of them. 

If you notice that someone is missing or you wish to add a new member of the community, please write to foodhive@eitood.eu or refer them to this link. If you want to add a batch of new contacts e.g. participants starting a programme, it is best to contact foodhive@eitfood.eu directly to streamline the approval process. 

How do I post content on FoodHIVE?

FoodHIVE provides various possibilities to share your update(s) with the community. Depending on the type of content, it can either be:

  • A post on the live feed: short, snappy updates relevant to the community. You can include images, links, documents and tag other members in the community. View some best practice examples below.

  • A news item: for longer types of interesting (agrifood) updates and news. Read How do I submit a news article on FoodHIVE? to learn more.

  • An opportunity: job vacancies, internships, PhD positions, calls for startups and projects from both EIT Food and (external) organisations relevant for the FoodHIVE members.

  • An event: internal and external EIT Food events, events from partners and other events that are relevant to the community. 

Examples of excellent posts on the live feed:

Who sees the content posted on FoodHIVE? 


The content posted on FoodHIVE is only visible to people logged into the platform. However, the visibility also depends on where the update is being posted on the platform.

  • If you post on the general live feed, every FoodHIVE member will be able to see and interact with it.

  • If you post in a group, it will only be visible for the members within that group.
    For example, if you post on the live feed of the Partnership group, it will only be visible for the members of the Partnership group (partners, RisingFoodStars and staff).

  • If you send a private message, this is only visible to the person(s) within that conversation.

How do I get help with the platform?

If you find you need any help with FoodHIVE, please email the FoodHIVE Community Manager at foodhive@eitfood.eu.

This article was last reviewed in March 2021and will be reviewed again in July 2021.

If you have feedback on this article, do let us know. You can drop us a note via our contact form.