FoodHIVE is the platform that brings together all the members of the EIT Food community – from leading businesses, research centres and universities to food investors, mentors, students and promising startups - to act as a central location for this collaboration to take place. To find out more about FoodHIVE go to: What is FoodHIVE and how do I use it? 

In addition to the general community, which is accessible to FoodHIVE members, smaller sub-communities, known as ‘Groups’, also exist. 

What are Groups used for on FoodHIVE?

Groups are used to communicate and connect with certain stakeholders from within the EIT Food community or to discuss certain topics with fellow interested parties. 

An overview of the Groups can be found by clicking on the Groups tab in the main navigation menu. 

When entering a Group, you will notice that a lot of the community-wide features are also available on a Group level. These Group features are only available to the members of that Group, meaning you can create live feed posts, events and news articles, for example, targeted at a specific type of audience in the EIT Food network. 

Which Groups should I follow and why?

The Groups to follow depend on your profile within the network and personal interests. 


For partners, it is advised to join the Partnership Group, as well as the dedicated regional office groups they are part of. 

As a partner, following these groups will ensure you stay updated with all the activities, events and projects happening at EIT Food. Moreover, the FoodHIVE Partnership Group replaces the Partner Newsletter, meaning that important communications are now mostly communicated here.


EIT Food staff members are welcome to join the Staff Group and Partnership Group. New colleagues are automatically added when the FoodHIVE Community Manager is made aware of them. 


If you have participated in an EIT Food programme or training in the past, you are welcome to join our EIT Food Alumni Community to connect with fellow learners and startups from the EIT Food network. 


A number of Groups on FoodHIVE revolve around a specific topic. For example, ‘Inspiring the Future of Food’ brings together experts in communication, marketing and public outreach from food related areas. The Educators Group aims to share best practices and interesting articles on the topic of education.  

Browse the Groups tab to find and follow any topic-related groups you are interested in. 

How do I follow FoodHIVE Groups?

How to join a group highly depends on the visibility-settings of the Group. 

  • Open: when Groups are ‘open’, you can join the group without having to be accepted by a Group admin. 

  • Private: when groups are ‘private’, you need to request access to the Group. Click on the ‘Join’ button to send a request to the Group admin. 

  • Hidden: some Groups do not show on the Groups overview if you are not a member, meaning you cannot request access yourself, but have to be added by the Group admin directly. 




If you have requested to join a Group, but notice that your request is not being accepted/rejected by a Group admin, please write to

Can I set up my own FoodHIVE Group? 

At FoodHIVE, we always welcome new initiatives that will build on and strengthen the community. New Groups are regularly set up for many reasons. For example, to accommodate the delivery of an EIT Food programme.

However, please keep in mind that FoodHIVE is currently a closed community and only available to internal stakeholders of EIT Food. Also, managing a FoodHIVE Group requires dedicated community management, time and resources. 

If you are interested in starting your own Group/sub-community, please fill out the form at the end of this article and send it to

This article was last reviewed in April 2021 and will be reviewed again August 2021.

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