We have a range of tools and templates to help you create images. Use this guide to get started:

Get started with EIT Food image templates 

We are happy to share these easy-to-use image templates with you. We recommend you use these templates because they adhere to the EIT Food brand guidelines

How to use the EIT Food image templates

We have a variety of Canva templates in store for you to choose from. Please have a look at the options below and choose the perfect template for your communication objective.

Please keep the following in mind before using these templates:


  • We use the Titillium font in all our online communication materials. The font can be downloaded free of charge here.

  • It is important that the same commonly used words and grammar are used across all EIT Food communications. Language and grammar should always be consistent with UK English

  • Read more about this in the brand guidelines.


  • The different colours used in the templates were deliberately chosen to match the colour palette of our brand. guidelines. If you wish to change them, please keep it within the colours of the EIT Brand Book, pages 38-42.
  • Each template provides you with a pre-selected set of EIT Food colours. When editing the templates you will find these in the tool bar on the left under "document colours".


  • Please do not move the EIT Food and EU logo around and do not make them any smaller as they must stay readable.
  • For more on how to use the EIT Food logo and EU flag, please see our brand guidelines.

Note: To use and edit these templates, you might be asked to quickly set up a free Canva account after clicking on “Use Template“. If you are not sure about how to use Templates on Canva and how to properly embed images into templates, please find answers to your questions here.

EIT Food templates (click on the image to access the template)

Full image banner templates
If you´d like to use a photo from an event, a programme or any other EIT Food activity or a stock image that visualises what you are aiming to communicate, you can embed it into one of our full image banner templates.Example in use.Example in use.
Templates with text
Example in use.Example in use.Example in use.
Templates with stats.
If you´d like to use stats. on your banner, please use one of our templates with stats. You can either use stats only or combine stats with a photo as background image.
Including credible statistics/sources help back up the story and adds value to a post. For tips on how to create social media posts, please click here
Example in use.Example in use.
Changemaker "quote" templates
Example in use.Example in use.Example in use.
If you'd like to use the voice and the photo of a Changemaker, you can embed them into one of our Changemaker "quote" templates. If you're not sure what Changemakers are and why we recommend using their voices to engage with your audiences, you can learn more about EIT Food's digital communications strategy here.
Note: The third template is a Carousel. Carousels help carry users on a journey, letting a story play out. If you'd like to learn more about best practices for creating social media posts, please click here.

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