Setting up a new social media channel takes considerable time and resources in order to build an engaged following. Before considering whether you should create one, review these guidelines:

If you are interested in having a personal social media channel and want to make it more professional, here's a quick guide.

I am a functional area colleague, what should I do?

We don't advise that Functional Area colleagues create a new EIT Food social media channel. There are several reasons for this: 

  • On social media, one strong, global presence for each platform provides a powerful and unified brand voice. 
  • Multiple social media channels can dilute overall impact and confuse target audiences. 
  • When advertising, it can lead to teams competing with one another for brand share and audiences, often pushing up prices for the same organisation. 
  • Teams may not have enough differentiated content, which can lead to significant repetition, leading to lower levels of engagement and reduced impact.

The good news is there are lots of alternatives available. Go to: How do I promote something on EIT Food's digital channels?

I am a regional colleague, what should I do?

If you work in one of the EIT Food regions, you can create a new social media channel. 

However, before launching any new channels, consider how long it takes to build an engaged following and manage a social media channel. We advise to only create a new social media channel if you have:

  • A long-term social media strategy and detailed content plan. 

  • Time, budget and resource for ongoing management and maintenance. 

  • A content team who can gather and write high quality social media posts.

  • A community manager who can respond to comments and take part in relevant conversations.

  • A unique offering that cannot be delivered via existing EIT Food channels, such as language difference or a completely new target audience.

If you have everything in place and a clear requirement to create a new social media channel go to: How do I create a new EIT Food social media channel?

I am an EIT Food project partner, what should I do?

If you are an EIT Food project partner and not employed by EIT Food, it isn’t appropriate to use a social media channel to speak on behalf of the EIT Food brand. Your own organisation’s social media team would be the best people to contact for advice. 

We recommend using existing channels where possible because social media channels need a clear purpose and are a long-term commitment. It takes time to build an engaged following and requires regular, ongoing management. One-year or single-activity channels are therefore not advised. 

If your organisation decides to create a social media channel solely for the purpose of promoting EIT Food work (non EIT Food-branded), it is important to include the following phrase for transparency reasons: "Our work is supported by EIT Food, a body of the EU. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of EIT Food." 

A best-practice example is the channel created by EIT Food partner Queen's University of Belfast

There are lots of effective alternatives to creating a new social media channel when it comes to project promotion. Go to: How do I promote something on EIT Food's digital channels?

This article was last reviewed in December 2020 and will be reviewed again in April 2021.

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