Showcase Pages are extensions of an existing LinkedIn company page (child), designed to spotlight individual sub-brands, business units and initiatives. Once created, a Showcase Page will be listed under 'Affiliated Pages' on the main LinkedIn Page.

What is the difference between a Showcase Page and a company page?


A LinkedIn company page is the main hub for a business. At EIT Food we use LinkedIn to engage with experts, professionals and entrepreneurs from the agrifood sector and to position EIT Food as a thought-leader in the sector. 


A LinkedIn Showcase Page enables different business units and initiatives within EIT Food  to create a community of followers around content on a specific subject. All communication related to this 'sub-brand' is in one place, speaking to a tailored target audience.  

What are the benefits of Linkedin Showcase Pages?

  • You can create a very focused and relevant content experience for a particular target audience, which can drive even deeper engagement with EIT Food.  

  • It is possible to create versions of a Showcase Page in many languages. If you are an EIT Food colleague working at a regional office, you could set up your LinkedIn Showcase Page in your regional language.  

  • It has better engagement rates. A Linkedin user will only follow your page if it's of interest to them, making it highly engaging.

  • Improved analytics. Each Showcase page gets dedicated analytics. Through this you can adjust your tailored Linkedin strategy and help you analyse engagement.

  • Showcase Pages are suggested on LinkedIn search results. As a result, they effectively direct traffic to the comany page and increase brand awareness.

  • Free recruitment platform. A Showcase page can be used to post about jobs and opportunities to a highly engaged audience for free.

Setting up a Showcase Page – where should I start?  


There is a limited number of 25 Showcase Pages that we can have as an organisation, so we need to spread these out across regional and functional area teams – one per regional office and one per Functional Area team. 
With a clear strategy in place, you can use a Showcase Page to communicate about multiple projects and activities in one place, posting fresh content regularly, rather than creating a page for a particular project.

If you’re considering setting up a LinkedIn Showcase Page, go to: Should I create a new EIT Food social media channel? and How do I create a social media strategy? and then send a summary of your plan


Once the plan has been agreed with the core communications team, they will grant you admin access to the EIT Food company page. As soon as you are an admin you can follow the guidelines outlined by LinkedIn to create your new LinkedIn Showcase Page.

After you have created the page you will be able to see a preview of your Showcase Page and you can start adding all the missing information.

What are the guidelines for setting up EIT Food Showcase Pages?  


Name: Every Showcase Page should include EIT Food at the beginning and should then be followed by either the region or the functional area. For example: 

Logo: It should be the same as the project logo. Here are some guidelines.

Description: Include the sentence "EIT Food is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)" in the Showcase Page description. Add a tag line that indicates the purpose of the Showcase Page. Include a clear bio description that makes use of  keywords and tells people what to expect.  

Website URL:This should lead people to your section on the EIT Food website or to 

Company size: There is no need to include the company size as it is already in the description of the EIT Food company page. 

Location: If you're creating a Showcase Page for a regional office it makes sense to include the location. If you're creating a showcase page for a Functional Area you should include the Headquarter location (Leuven).  

Custom Button: If your Showcase Page has a clear call-to-action you have the choice of several different custom buttons, driving business actions from your page. Only use this option if it reflects the relationship you have with your audience and the actions you want them to take.   

Hashtag: Choose three relevant hashtags to add to your page. These will appear in a widget on the right side of your showcase page. If you're not sure what Hashtags to use, here are some tips.

Header image: Please follow the EIT Food guidelines for header images for your showcase page. Below is an example.


If your team wants to try something different or needs support, please reach out to

How do I measure my Showcase Page’s success?  



Like on LinkedIn company pages, you can measure the success of you Showcase Page via LinkedIn Analytics. Here you can track Impressions, Unique Impressions, Clicks, Reactions, Comments, Shares and the Engagement Rate of your posts.  

For more on how to gather analysis and insight and set your objectives have a look here

Quick Tips 

LinkedIn finds that pages that post weekly have a 2x lift in engagement with content. Keep caption copy to 150 words or less. Take a look at the best practice examples for creating engaging social media posts for EIT Food branded channels.  

Foster conversation with posts that ask a question, provide tips, or simply deliver inspiring messages. Stay on top of your LinkedIn Analytics to see which posts perform best, and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

For more useful information and tips, learn more about optimising a LinkedIn Showcase Page and watch the webinar recording below.

Webinar recording

An example: UNICEF


UNICEF is a great example of a business that knows how to combine its company page and Showcase Pages (for example UNICEF Innovation,  UNICEF Pacific, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa, etc.). On its company page, you get an overview of the organisation, its values and culture, and company updates that reflect all of the different aspects of this (announcements about upcoming events, links to interviews with the organisation’s Changemakers and partners, topical/themed campaigns and new employee initiatives).   


The company page has links to multiple Showcase Pages, which feature far more in-depth content for different focus areas and regions. UNICEF is able to go into much more depth with this content, because it is being shared with a specific audience that has a clear interest in what it has to say.  


You can find all their Showcase Pages on the right side of the company page under "Affiliated pages".   


Company page:  



Showcase Pages:  







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