Make sure to check out the EIT Food Campaign process if you are running Google Ads as part of a campaign

What is the procedure for requesting access?

If you wish to gain access to Google Ads tools you need to sign up to EIT Food channels using the Onboarding Form. 

You should then request access via the Access Form ahead of any planning, strategising or creative work, ideally at least four weeks before you want to start any advertising.

On page 7 of the Access Form, it is important to tick that you would like to advertise on Google Ads, as seen below:

If you wish to gain access to Google Analytics please contact

This form will allow you to request access to the tools as well as EIT Food digital advertising platforms - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn - which are managed by the Core Communications Team. 

Read How do I get started with digital advertising? to learn more about the Onboarding Form, Access Form and digital advertising. 

For further information or enquiries please contact 

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Ads?

The main difference between Google Ads and Google Analytics is that Ads tracks Clicks, while Analytics tracks Sessions. If a user clicks on your ad twice within 30 minutes without closing his or her browser, this is registered by Analytics as one session while Google Ads registers this as two clicks. Google Ads also filters invalid clicks from your report, while Analytics shows all data. If you would like to access Google Analytics, go here.

To find out more, read this handy guide on Analytics Help here. 

How do I see my Google Ads metrics in the EIT Food data dashboard?

The EIT Food data dashboard is a place where you can see all important metrics. Please consider the following 2 important actions to make sure the data is visible in the dashboard:


For more information, read How to use the EIT Food data dashboard article.

This article was last reviewed in November 2022 and will be reviewed again in Aril 2023.

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