The Communications Hub (Comms Hub) is an open platform populated with a series of articles designed to answer FAQs, offer tips about internal and external communications and give guidance on EIT Food communication platforms, processes and systems. 

You will find this tool useful if you are an EIT Food colleague or a project partner looking to communicate under the EIT Food brand.

How do I find an article on the Comms Hub?

The Comms Hub is split into categories that you can click on to find the articles you are interested in reading.  

You can also use the search function at the top of the Comms Hub to help you find what you are looking for:

The Comms Hub is regularly updated, but if you notice an issue, feel that information is missing or 

that a new article or category should be added, please provide your ideas and suggestions via the contact form so these can be picked up by the team.

Comms Hub Glossary

If you are unsure about the meaning of a term or phrase used within the Comms Hub, please refer to our Glossary below. If there is a term or phrase not included in the Glossary that you think should be, please contact us.




Relevant and credible people & organisations that have the potential to make a difference in the food system.

Read more here.

Core communications team  

The EIT Food corporate communication team that focuses on brand, digital, media and internal communication (the Brand & Content team). 


Editorial team

A team of colleagues from each functional area and regional office across EIT Food that comes together to align on EIT Food corporate content and campaigns. 

Read more here.

EIT Food Content Calendar

A themed-based content calendar to plan content in advance, used by the core communications team.  

Read more about the EIT Food Content Calendar here. 

Functional area colleagues  

EIT Food staff employed in one of the 4 Functional Areas: 

  • Education

  • Business Creation

  • Innovation 

  • Public Engagement.


These 4 teams report to the EIT Food HQs and each team has its own communication needs and target audiences. 


Greenhouse PR

EIT Food’s external integrated communications agency.

Project Partners  

Those that are part of the EIT Food network of partners and are leading or collaborating on an EIT Food-funded activity. 

Regional colleagues 

EIT Food staff employed by one of the 5 so-called Co-Location Centres (CLCs) located in Spain, Poland, Germany, UK and Belgium. 

Regional Organigram

“CLC” is an internal EIT Food acronym. It is best practice to avoid using internal acronyms when communicating externally. 

Social media channels 

Social media accounts, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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