There are many ways to share your content and stories across EIT Food’s core communication channels. These include the EIT Food website & blog, podcast, social media channels, newsletter (The Feed) and community platform FoodHIVE. 


We are looking for content that:  


  • Tells inspiring stories of real societal impact and organisations making change 
  • Highlights deep insights into the challenges that the agrifood sector faces, including the latest research and hot topics 
  • Enables people to join valuable conversations 


We tell the stories of our community of changemakers to facilitate a conversation and to provide our audiences with insights on agrifood innovation in Europe. We aim to form strong, long-lasting relationships with our audiences and position EIT Food as a leader in the sector. 

Audience: Remember, on core EIT Food channels the audiences are professionals such as those who work in the food industry, policymakers and agrifood startups, so they’ll be interested in robust research results.    


If you have a story you would like to feature on EIT Food’s core channels, please get in touch. Our team will evaluate the content and see if it fits our digital communications strategy.   

Regular contact points for EIT Food teams 

Editorial team meetings: EIT Food communications activities and topics are discussed at the editorial team meetings. If you have an idea for a communications theme, contact your editorial team member so they can share it with the core communications team well in advance. 


Plan on a Page (POAP) Meetings: To ensure all activity from across EIT Food is being considered in our content planning, the core communication team holds two “POAP” meetings per year with EIT Food's Public Affairs, Impact and Partnership teams (including regional teams).These meetings help us identify opportunities for collaboration and look at how and when a team’s activities can be incorporated across EIT Food’s core channels.  

Members of the EIT Food Community

If you are a member of the EIT Food community, please inform your regional contact or a member of the Editorial Team of your content and stories so these can be shared with the core communications team.  


Projects that have a regional focus and want to attract participants from certain locations can work with EIT Food's regional teams to get support through their local channels – such as regional showcase pagesFacebook or Twitter channels, or regional microsites on the EIT Food website. 


These are very effective when targeting local stakeholders with the right regional messaging in the relevant languages. 


Please note: any posts or campaigns run on the core EIT Food channels do not count towards project KPIs as this would be double counting. 



If you are running an EIT Food campaign (an initiative that exists outside our always-on communication work), please read the EIT Food campaign guidelines and let us know about it via the campaign process so we can provide strategic support and access to branded templates and channels where relevant.  

Social Media

If you want to share content on EIT Food's core social media channels, please follow these steps:  

  • Browse EIT Food's core social media channels to understand the style: FacebookLinkedInTwitter 
  • Share your content ideas by contacting the social media teamPlease submit ideas at least one month ahead of time. This allows the social media team time to review your story, contact you to obtain further information, and shape content that will be of interest to our community and followers  
  • Remember to include as much information as possible including images, facts and relevant background from your work to make the story interesting and informative. Provide the following: 
    • A food system question or challenge, for example, "how do we increase consumer trust in the food system?" or "Insects: A viable alternative protein?" 
    • A fact or statistic about the current situation – this could come from your project research or a trusted source. Please indicate the source and link 
    • A quote from a credible and relevant changemaker - changemakers are people who are well-established in their field who bring credibility. It could be someone working on the project or an external expert. It's also useful if they are active on social media  
    • A link to more information about the research and project outcomes - a news article or link to your website 

Best practice examples (click on the image):








EIT Food Website  

Each EIT Food team has its own section on the website and there are different options for you to add news and updates to the website. 


If you need to request access to be able to submit content on the website, contact the team here and someone from the core communications team will get back to you. 

If you already have access to edit the website you might find the following articles useful:  


If you are trying to reach EIT Food’s extensive community of Partners, learners, entrepreneurs and alumni, FoodHIVE is the best way to connect and share your updates, stories and opportunities. 


The are various ways for you to publish content on our community platform: 

Digital advertising 

Paid activity is also a great way to promote your event or campaign, particularly if you have a very clear call-to-action, such as encouraging people to sign up to attend an event.

Find out how to access EIT Food's channels and get started. Go to: How do I get started with digital advertising? 


This article was last reviewed in December 2023 and will be reviewed again in December 2024.

If you have feedback on this article, do let us know. You can drop us a note via our contact form.